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      A letter to all the colleagues:Can we walk together?
      [Source:Wuhu Optoelectronics ] [ Browse:41 ] [ Time:2019-06-10 ]Font:[ big Middle Small ]

      This May is destiny to be not tranquil.

      The spring hasn’t been felt for a few days; the scorching hot has arrived several times; while in the north, the hail stone is secretly committingatrocity……just like the recent economy, being filled with all kinds of voices.The auto market keeps dropping in the recent consecutive months.   Fortunately, we still have works to do, there are new products continues come to the market or on the way to the market,there are new projects continue to be designed in a timely manner. The last but not the least, there are problems continue waiting to be solved by our collection’s wisdom.

      In the past four years, our company feels apologetic to our employees - we rarely have had acomplete vocation (except spring festival) andalways keep busy on the way of delivery. From the objective perspective, there are a lot of problems left from the past: specifications that have not been revised, technical or quality problems that have not been completely solved,and no systematic training to our team, the spirit of “Insist on the implementation” that have been stressed but always be short of…… the last but not the least is the result we obtained are not satisfactory although we have tried with great effort and our heart is aggrieved.

      Our technical direction has been proved by market development; our market direction has been proved in this recession period. The best illustration that the correctness of Anrui’s culture direction is that no matter of growth or recession, we repeatedly tackled difficulties which seems unsolvable from external views.

      Whether this unsettled May, or the even more scorching summer, it is not just a testing of"God is always on the side of the strongest battalions ", but also an opportunity for "brave breakout"!

      ___ As long as we take the opportunity to considerate,sum up and correct problems left over from the past;

      ___As long as we radically improve the personnelefficiency, to reduce and gradually eliminate all waste;

      ___As long as we no longer use the”division of department”and "specialization" as an excuse for prevarication and procrastination;

      ___As long as each level of management,each our employees make the best effort in the scope of ability;

      ___As long as we study harder, discover more talents, and increase accumulation in this so-called “recession” year;

      ___ As long as we participate more actively in the market competition, to truly improve the customer satisfaction with standard of “real,effective and scientific”;

      There will stil lbe a shade in the summer; the new ground can be also developed in the“recession” time.

      However,all this can be done only by each of Anrui’s colleagues, especially our fellow travelers who can share weal or woe with us when the big waves wash away the sand and gold start shines.

       Waiting for you with sincere expectation, tell me -can we walk together?

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